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Why Solar?

The Rapid development of the word economy and over use of traditional energy are increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions ,accelerating climate change and threatening the natural ecological balance . If we do nothing, the serious consequences such as the global food crisis ,water shortage ,worsening pollution ,and even ecosystem collapses will worsen.

This Energy crisis also affects our communities. As fuel price rise our modern lifestyles become increasingly expensive ,and global inequality worsens. Families and business everywhere and facing higher energy bills.

In order to protect our communities and the environment , we must find sustainable energy solutions . Solar energy is ready now.

Solar is the world's most abundant energy source. Enough sunlight reaches us every 15 minutes to power the world for an entire year. Safe and clean solar energy powers homes, businesses and power plants everywhere. Solar will reach grid-parity in places like Germany, Italy and California within two to three years and we are optimistic that solar energy will reach grid-parity globally by 2020.

Who Solton Power Inc.?

Founded in 2014,Solton Power Inc. is an US California based company with subsidiaries in Asia. As a professional manufacturer of solar panel , Solton Power can provide consumers with different power range of solar panels and turnkey energy saving solutions. All of the products are designed and engineered in USA to make sure the top quality.

Solton Power Inc. dedicates itself to be the premium manufacturer in PV industry. The combination of advanced materials and the rigorous incoming quality control process can make sure its panel to become a very tough and durable solar panel in the market.

With factory facilities in South East Asia and 7 warehouses located in USA and Europe, we would provide the most cost-effective products and fast delivery to all of our customers.

Solton Power's solar panels are completely certified for its performance and safety by international certification agencies for standards such IEC, TUV, ETL and has became a full member of WEEE in Germany to take the responsibility for the recycling of our products in next 25 years .Meanwhile Solton Power is listed and certified by the world famous Insurance company - Solar Insurance Finance ( refer to as “SOLARIF”) ,so that every end user of Solton Power in Europe and USA is able to buy a 20-year quality insurance from SOLARIF ,which also covers the risk of bankruptcy of Solton Power Inc.

Why Solton Power Inc.?

Plus Tolerance: 0-+3%, to make sure the highest output of the modules and the best benefits for our clients.

Warranty: 10 year Quality warranty, and 25 year linear power warranty are guaranteed.

Solar cells of high efficiency: Solton Power is only using high- efficiency solar cells to ensure maximum power output and stability of solar panels.

Best EVA and TPT: EVA and TPT adopt high quality raw materials so as to ensure good performance of atrocious weather prevention. Solton Power is only using the most reliable EVA and TPT in solar industry, which is proved by long-time testing and history.

EL One Plus Three:One time EL testing of solar cells and three times of solar panels(Higher than industry standard -2 times).With the 16 million pixel EL crack-testing machine,we can improve the working efficiency and reduce the miss rate as well as the risk of micro-crack to solar panels.

Excellent Package Solution:Wooden-package solution can improve the work efficiency and reduce the rick of micro-crack during the process of package.

Junction Box: Solton Power’s Junction boxes are specially designed for waterproof and insulation, and the special bypass diodes inside the junction boxes greatly reduce the hotspot effect and guarantee stable power output.

Performance Tests: Solton Power has passed testing of IEC61215 and safety test UL1703, which ensures that Solton Power modules work very well under the atrocious weather condition.

Strict Quality Control: Solton Power is doing 100 percent testing about module current and voltage, to make sure that 100% modules for our customers are qualified.


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